Ground hog day?

Ruacana has a dam, a big dam that sits in the middle of the Kunene river and controls the flow.

Ruacana has something else as well, tarmac! Lovely, smooth, black tarmac on which we gently cruised back down towards Opuwo and the Kaoko Mopane Lodge.

The owner of the lodge had sent our hydraulic hose off and we were due to pick up it up and fit it again so we could lift the cabin again when needed. I was truly happy for all the help from the lodge owner and quite frankly, it was nice to be back in a familiar spot. Opuwo is a place you do not want to be found dead in, but Kaoko Mopane Lodge is a good place for a stopover.

Zev spent his time with the free wifi in the bar and the discovered fanta orange as well as appletizer! We were happy to have access to the supermarkets again to restock for our next little adventure and it was good to see the staff’s kids as well.

It was however time for adventure again!!

Kunene, the end of it!

We had a good stay at Camp Cornie and made our way along the river towards the Kunene River Lodge, a well known place for anyone who has travelled the area and we were looking forward to it.

The road got better as we came closer and close to the Kunene River Lodge and towards Ruacana where we were due to hit tarmac again. The D3700 along the river had been graded quite recently so it was a lovely drive with the river and palm trees to our left and the hills on our right hand side. Smoothly cruising towards the lodge where we had a big surprise!

Huge mining trucks were moving up and down the D3700, clearing and cleaning the tracks and roads around the lodge and it all too sudden became apparant why the road had improved so much, mining in the area!

It turned it that it was more then mining as the mining company had bought the lodge and the adjacent lands and where busy building their base around the lodge…

Luckily there were no big trucks on the lodge itself and we were assigned a lovely little spot under the trees. The ablutions left a little to be desired and the staff didnt seem to be very motivated anymore, expect for the local Namibian people who seemed to have been ordered to rake every little leaf and leave no footprints on the freshly raked dirt…

The river was a little deeper here then at camp Cornie and no way to directly access it let alone enter the water, it was too deep and dark to try that and we heard of quite big crocodiles in the area, best to keep your distance from the edge.

We did do a bit of fishing from the bank and got lucky quite a few times!! Initially we threw back all the fish we caught, as the proper ‘sport vissers’ that we are, until one of the local staff approached us to see if we wanted to share our catch with them.. Some much needed protein I guess when your diet normal consists of maize ‘pap’, maize ‘pap’ with sugar and more maize ‘pap’ for dinner.

Zev was all too happy to hand over some of the catch and share a little of our ‘wealth’.

I think we spent 2 nights at the campsite where just an afternoon would have been enough, but there isn’t much choice in the area and ofcourse, it is passed its hay days since a mining started in the area.