From Luderitz we headed back the same way we came, back towards Aus and then turning off shortly after Aus, onto our first gravel since crossing the border when we first hit gravel. 

The morning was a little misty but we had spend some amazing days on the sea with great sunny weather, stuff you can normally only dream off on the Atlantic coast of Namibia.

Now we did get a little drizzle and had to use our wipers once or twice.

We went past Aus and turned left onto a gravel road, nice and wide only to be stuck behind a Police ‘bakkie’ who clearly was getting driving lessons from his colleague and we past them, giving them a wide berth.

We drove through beautiful country side with flowing hills and hit a bit of sand from time to time too, we were on our way to Namtib Bioreserve.

Along the way we passed some abandoned farms but also some what seemed profitable ones, some growing Dades and other still growing fruit inland too, so there must have been a lot of water around.


We saw the odd Jackal and when we made the turn into the Namtib Bioreserve we were greeted by some Gemsbok and Springbok too. It was nice to see animals again after having passed many pastures with fences, which means animals cannot roam easily. Farm animal or wild…

The 7 orso kilometers from the main road to the lodge and campsite were hell!!

We hadn’t had any real corrugations yet but this made us cry, we had some in Kgalagadi ofcourse, but not on a main road let alone a private one like this. We could hardly go 5kph per hour without shaking to bits and these few kilometers took ages!!

We pulled up outside the main lodge building, which looked great, and were met by 3 pregnant cows, which ofcourse had a hard time to move out of our way.

The lodge and campsite looked great and there was choice of campsite for us, super! Nice ablutions and beautiful landscapes, camping just underneath the rocky outcrops of the Namtib. More campers joined us so the 5 spots were quickly filled.

That night was a night of hell, orso it seemed, the wind picked up speed during the night and around midnight it was not only blowing along the mountains but also blowing down from the mountains, and all crash landing on top of us.

The truck shook and shook as the windblows increased and around midnight we went as far as to turn the truck, having it face the wind more head on instead of sideways.

The poor Germans that put up their tent earlier that night went to bed in their car, we heard the next day.

The next morning all was fine ofcourse and we spend the day looking for animals, big and small, prepping our Braai and playing ‘hamertje tik’ with Zev.

That evening the same occurred as the previous night and we took the same action again, driving the truck around the large tree in the middle of the campsite and having it face the winds more head on.

The campsite was great but due to the winds, we were more then happy to leave and continue our journey!

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