The joys of wires

oh oh the joys! The joys indeed huh? This shows you lot a little of the roof as well as the lining and the wiring.

I took down all of the roof, door and rear wall lining to get cracking with sound proofing.

This was ofcourse also the right time to remove much of the old fire truck wiring that was left over in the cabin. We had some holes in the roof welded at the same time (i guess people didn’t think these trucks would last as long as they did so never bothered to treat against rust).

All that is left now is some wiring witha nice 12v feed (hard to come by in a 24v truck), 4 strains of speaker wire, 2 antenna wires, 2 4G antenna wires, a GPS wire, a front camera wire, a rear camera wire plus I forgot to reroute the internal door light wire… Man, did I just make it worse????

Taking the roof down..
Gotta love it!

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